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Al Ruttan is a John Maxwell Team Executive Director, Coach, Teacher and Speaker who works with businesses of all sizes, from CEO’s to front-line managers and their teams. Using tried and proven methods (one-on-one or group coaching, lunch in learns, and key note speeches), he helps people like you to raise your level of productivity, to help teams work more cohesively together, to resolve conflict in the workplace, and to help people reach their full potential. Al is also certified in the DISC Model of Human Behaviour from Personality Insights.

Al is confident that he can help you improve productivity in your organization with his coaching expertise and leadership development programs. You will see positive results and have a significant return on your investment from these programs.

Al has over 31 years of retail management and sales experience. This includes, but is not limited too, successfully leading teams of up to 200 people in retail stores with 27 million + dollars in sales.

He will use his experience and strengths as a certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, utilizing the John Maxwell Methods within each sphere.

Outside of his passion for coaching and leadership development, Al is a father of two incredible boys – Jonah (22) and Jerod (20) and has been married to his amazing wife, Marge for 26 years. Al is passionate about family, reading and self development. He finds great satisfaction in helping others reach their fullest potential and discover their dreams, goals, and desires with the intent to help turn them into reality.

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I would love to help your business, your team or you grow and get to the next level.

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