"The “Leadership Game” was one of the more rewarding and enlightening training exercises that I have ever participated in. While the game definitely has its fun component to it, the way it allows participants to learn about themselves, their team and their leadership skills/abilities is just brilliant. The game gives the opportunity for everyone to be open, honest and transparent about their leadership and team dynamics, but in such an unintimidating way, that you hardly realize how much you are learning about yourself, but more importantly, about each other. The information gained from this exercise is invaluable."

Kevin Hildebrand
Director - The Bunker Ministries

"Playing the Leadership Game with my staff was way more fun than I imagined. It was a very valuable use of our time, in terms of team building and personal growth. The questions had us think on the positive characteristics of ourselves and one another. I found this to be extremely encouraging, and I know others did too! One of my staff members said, "I think we could play this all day!" I agreed - the two hours flew by. If you're looking for an activity to help your team connect in a positive way, I feel that having Al come and host the Leadership Game would be a great place to start."

Candace Grenier
Pure Anada Cosmetics

"Al Ruttan came to play the leadership game with our team this past week and it was probably the best 2 hours of professional development we have ever had as an organization. It was incredibly encouraging for everyone in the room, it helped us share ideas in a positive way and also created opportunity for praising one another (we don’t usually get this opportunity and some people don’t really hand out praise very often). I loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone in any industry."

LIndsay Maltby
HR Manager - IDC Communications

Leadership Game


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