If you're sick and tired of not making progress towards your goals, dreams & desires,  join us for the 30-day challenge to break through the barriers that have been holding you back!


It's time to reach for new plateaus. 
"We have a plateau of so-called security if that's what a person's looking for, but we do have to decided how high above this plateau we want to aim."
-Earl Nightingale


Instead of competing, all we have to do is create.  It's time for YOU to achieve the life you desire.  People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.  It's that simple.

What is the 30 day challenge?

It is NOT a goal setting course!

Join us on the 30-day challenge and you will be given the tools to:

  • break negative mindsets
  • believe and succeed
  • plant the right kind of seed
  • operate above 10% (university studies have shown that most operate at 10% or less of our abilities)
  • alter the attitude of our mind

If you join this program you:

  • will be fully committed to the work
  • will be accountable (you will show up to the weekly check-in calls)
  • will participate on the private Facebook group
  • will summon your courage
  • will be open to share your success, and be brave enough so share your struggles
  • will NOT make excuses
  • will be ready to jump fully in on November 1st 2020 and remain committed for 30 days!


MONEY BACK PROMISE - if you do all of the above and can tell me after the 30 days that you got no value out of this - I will give you a full refund!!  

Your Host on this Journey

Al Ruttan is a John Maxwell Team Executive Director, Coach, Teacher and Speaker who works with businesses of all sizes, from CEO’s to front-line managers and their teams. Using tried and proven methods (one-on-one or group coaching, lunch in learns, and key note speeches), he helps people like you to raise your level of productivity, to help teams work more cohesively together, to resolve conflict in the workplace, and to help people reach their full potential. Al is also certified in the DISC Model of Human Behaviour from Personality Insights.


You've made it to the bottom of the page - so you must be intrigued!!

This all starts on November 1st!!